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2020 Provincial Rules and Regulations

Teams: Ski Teams consist of a maximum of 6 skiers, 4 best results are counted. Snowboard Teams consist of a maximum of 6, with the 4 best results counting.

Eligibility: As per the Skiing Commission Eligibility Rules (refer to the B.C. School Sports Handbook). The team must have qualified through their Zone competition and earn a berth in the zone as per the berths allocated per zone. Please refer to Zones and Berths Link on the left for more info.

Individuals are eligible to attend championships as long as they place in the top three in their Zone Championship, even if their team did not qualify.

Entry: Zone Reps are to indicate the number of berths that will be filled for the years championship at least 1 month before the Championship.

Entry Fee: This fee varies according to the needs of the organizer of the championship and the location of the venue.

Race Descriptions:
Snowboard: 2 run GS & 1 run Terrain GS
Skiing: 2 run GS & 1 run Terrain GS
Captains: All teams must designate a team captain to attend race meetings and relay information to the team.

Race Rules:

Race rules are the same as CSA rules as per the B.C. School Sports Handbook.

Helmets mandatory for skiers and snowboarders in Giant Slalom Races.

Local rules to be discussed at pre race meeting.

Athletes that are registered to race must race unless substitutions are indicated to the Race Secretary the evening before the race.

Scoring: Seeding is based on race results. Points per seed are calculated the same as in past years (1st place = number of teams). e.g., if 12 teams enter the race, first place in each seed = 12 points, second place in each seed = 11 points, etc.
If only 6 racers manage to qualify for the fifth seed (other racers having DNF’d), the 6 racers score 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, and 7 points.The same scoring system will be used for the Snowboard competition.

EG. Snowboard Competition 3 Teams the race has been run and the following sorting has been completed. Sorted by team from fastest to slowest.

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